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One of our regulars, ron, grabs a seat while he still can. His short stories are among the most creative i have ever come across, and believe his works on urban fantasy and modern faerie tales to be absolute in their beauty, and unique. Here, for the first time, is a collection of his stories for teen and. Find a library or download libby an app by overdrive. From one of the fantasy genres greatest trailblazers, waifs and strays is a must read. He is married toand plays music withmaryann harris. His work tends to straddle the line between urban fantasy and mythic literature. From one of the fantasy genres greatest trailblazers, waifs and strays is a mustread. They explore the authors life and give some hints as to how he came to write these. Urban teens take center stage in a pair of edgy short story collections. Here, for the first time, is a collection of his stories. Our friend kenny heins doled out wine and cranberry juice.

If you like eyes like leaves, into the green is a similar if slightly inferior book. His most popular setting is the invented town of newford. Tales from the twilight realm, and dreams underfoot, and more on. Firebird distributed in canada by canbook distribution services, 2002. Renowned as one of the trailblazers of the modern fantasy genre, he is the recipient of the world fantasy, white pine, crawford, and aurora awards. When the irish emigrated to north america, some of the gentry followed only to find that the new world already had spirits of its own, the manitou. Buy a discounted paperback of waifs and strays online from australias leading online bookstore. Charles lives in ottawa, ontario with his wife and manager, maryann harris.

Waifs and strays refers to several things in the course of the book. Tapping the dream tree waifs and strays books launch. If you dont mind short fiction linked by a common setting and recurring characters, i think the collection dreams underfoot is probably the best place to start its listed as book 3 here on lt, but the two that come before it are early works, and this is where the primary cast of characters that he follows through most of the. Later books along these lines were written under an open pen name, samuel m.

His groundbreaking 1984 urban fantasy novel, moonheart, remains in print to this day, and enjoys the privilege of being tors bestselling trade paperback for their orb line. Primarily a writer of fantasy fiction, he has written widely in the subgenres of urban fantasy, contemporary magical realism, and mythic fiction. The first book of the wildlings trilogy, under my skin. Like the young artist of somewhere in my mind there is a painting box, most of them learn to tread the delicate balance between fairies and fancies and the everyday magic all around.

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